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Our Business and Premium plans provide you more options to manage, monitor, and configure.

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Кол-во проектов:
to 30

projects per month

за 1 проект
  • Claims module and cost calculator
  • Basic accounting finance
  • Maintain customer base
  • System knowledge base
  • Setting internal prices
  • Import data for a quick start
  • Setting up project and work templates
  • Schedule of delivery of projects and works
  • more


Кол-во проектов:
  • 100
  • 300
  • 500
  • 1000

projects per month

$ за 1 проект
  • All Free ✚
  • Integration with SmartCat
  • Export data to excel
  • Evaluation of the quality of work of translators and notes about them
  • Autogeneration of invoices and acts to customers
  • Control of receivables
  • Differentiation of user rights
  • Translator selection auction system
  • Setting up document templates
  • Internal news portal
  • Report on the development of translators
  • Mail notifications, SMS
  • Technical support (within 6 hours)
  • more


Кол-во проектов:
  • 100
  • 300
  • 500
  • 1000

projects per month

$ за 1 проект
  • All Business ✚
  • Backup of data with sending archive to mail
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Full financial module (coming soon)
  • Integration with 1C or “My Case System”
  • Individual improvements
  • Premium support (24/7 – within an hour)
  • more

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Installation and configuration
on your server

FREE updates during the year

Functions and users WITHOUT LIMITATION

Rapid implementation of Alisa TM

  • Setting up business processes

    We’ll help you import your database of customers and translators, add staff members and set access rights. We’ll also set up phone numbers, corporate mail, document templates, internal prices, SmartCat integration, etc.
  • Staff training

    We’ll not only tell you HOW to use it, but train EVERYONE
  • Technical support

    Consulting after installation will help to understand the program
All packages come with 256-bit security, and include all the key functions – maintaining a database of customers, translators, requests, projects, etc.

After a 14-day free trial, you can choose your package and pay monthly with a credit card or annually with a credit card or invoice.

30 day money back guarantee. We’ll return the money if you do not like our program.

Alisa TMS Guide is a smart knowledgebase providing you with all the advantages of our system. Using Guide you can quickly create a new project, customize your work and integrate with SmartCat

– FAQ –

What does a free demo mean?

A free demonstration means a Skype conference scheduled in advance. Our tech specialist contacts you via Skype and demonstrates you all the features of our system by sharing the screen, and then answers your questions. You can choose a package at any time during the demo and pay for it.

How can I purchase your system?

Simply register your agency for review, and you can immediately purchase in your trial account. You can also contact us if you want to get help directly from our specialists.

How long does a tariff last? Can I switch to another tariff later?

Tariff packages are designed for three months, six months or a year. You can start or finish using the package at any time (but remember that package price will not be refunded if you cancel or switch to a cheaper package). Contact us to get more details.

Do I have to pay per manager?

No. You can add as many staff members as you wish to your account at no extra charge. Tariff packages are calculated according to the volume of projects implemented.

Can Alisa TMS be integrated to other applications or systems?

Yes. Alisa TMS offers ready-made integration applications: SmartCat and UniSender. Let us know if you want to add more tools.

Will my data be confidential and secure?

Yes, we guarantee real-time protection of user and business data by combining enterprise-class security features with comprehensive validation of our applications, systems and networks.

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